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The software system holds an effective communication system which brings you numerous fruitful facilities in order to give you an overwhelming communication experience. Parents and students will be updated with the necessary information on time, from their respective school management as well as their teachers through the SMS/E-Mail facility.

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Benefits of Smart-CRM

Group as well as individual messaging facility is available. Using this system, parents and students will be able to contact the teachers.

Product Catalogue

Our in-built communication system keeps every users within the Smart -CRM up to date on various activities like events, meetings, announcements, etc,. even though you are not within the Smart -CRM .

Product Options and attributes

Every activities within your Smart -CRM can get triggered over the push notification which makes the communication easier and faster..

Custom Group Communication

Multiple groups can be created like Whatsapp using the students from various courses for better communication without the need of disturbing the users not belonging to the particular activity say Sports as an example.

Customer Profile

Understand and organise your customers better by using the customer profile database which captures data on order history.

Order Notification

Receive automated order notification via email to ensure prompt order fulfilment and customer service

Guest Check Outs

Accommodate the store visitors who wish to do guest checkouts so that all potential sales are captured online.

Refund Facilitys

Enable partial or full refunds to customers. The inventory is updated automatically to reflect such transactions.

Platform Features

Smart-CRM provides some of the best features which facilitate the growth of your business on the online platform.

Email & SMS with tracking enabled

Some emergency and important communications can be sent over email and sms directly to the external email and the mobile number respectively in order to make sure the communication has been delivered.

In-built Mailbox

In-built mailbox facilitates internal communication within various departments of the Smart -CRM for day to day operations without the need of sending paper based communication hence saving time and paper.

In-built social media platform

Every activities within the Smart -CRM can be posted by the teachers with the control on the viewer whether it is everyone in the Smart -CRM or only the students of their class.

Communication is an important aspect of the smooth and efficient functioning of any one!

Smart -CRM cloud mobile application provides the teachers, parents and students with an ultimate communication facility so that each user can be connected with each other all the time.

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