Smart-PMS is a tool which helps you to plan, organize, and manage your team's work, from start to finish. It also acts as a collaboration tool, so that everyone knows who's doing what.

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Benefits of Smart-PMS

Project Planning

An easy and simple way of planning a project using the ‘project planning’ feature by following the WBS and Gantt.

BreakDown Structure

A project can be segregated into multiple modules/features and tasks. All these tasks/features can be mapped to each other using the mind mapping technique, in the work breakdown structure dashboard.


Gantt is a chart which is very powerful in detailing the current status and milestones of the project.

Using Gantt, all the project insights can be viewed in the horizontal bars and colour codes by which the user can manage the resources. In the ‘Time and tasks’ module of Gantt, a lot of time can be saved by using the ‘drag and drop’ functionality, which requires minimal manual effort.


The most complex functions of finance can be easily managed using Smart-PMS, which in turn increases the project profitability.


Pricing module provides the calculation of successive discounts per item as well as the total discount.

It also facilitates the export of calculation of the price into a PDF with a logo and colours in the form of a price quotation, which transfers the project price from the project budget.


PMS provides a clear understanding of the project budget plan versus budget in reality.

Payroll and Invoicing

Employee payroll and invoicing is generated based on the time sheets and hourly rates of the resources.
Payroll reports are maintained in the easy view. Payroll data can also be exported in the desired file formats.

Agile Management

Agile board is a Project module which is used to make the complex project more easier for the developers.

This contains two types of most used agile frameworks called SCRUM and KANBAN.

Scrum Resources

All the resources in the project will get to know the tasks at each phase in the form of a cards.

Placed in different columns like, Sprint backlog, project backlog, to be tested, completed, etc..


Kanban project backlog is a bit simpler compared to that of Scrum board .

Tasks for backlog and Project backlog. All tasks you move into the project backlog become a part of Kanban board.


Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development.

Allows the user to work with the Sprints, tasks in  backlogs and their statuses.

Task Management

Task can be created in the project, assign tasks to Resources, and track them as they get done. User can Set due dates, priorities, and reminders. If the task involves several actions.

Sub Task

User can break them down even more into subtasks. The task owners/authors can log the time spent manually or by using a timer.

Task Dependencies

Dependencies can be set for the tasks to ensure that the task dependant on another task should get completed only if the depended task gets completed.


Dependencies can be used to control the sequence in which tasks need to be completed. Dependencies between tasks can be set, or view them on the Gantt chart.


Milestones are the important and critical stages in the project workflow. Multiple milestones can be created during the project with start and end dates.

Test Cases

Test cases can be maintained throughout the project and each case can be linked to the tasks to have a track of each test case. Test cases can be imported and exported into any file format.


Document management system is a module where all the files and document of a project or tasks can be accessed so easily. The document can be downloaded at anytime.

Instant Chat

All the employees of the organisation can have a quick chat  internally within the tool at any point of time from anywhere using the Instant chat option.


Multiple third party tools and extensions can be integrated with no time using PMS. Slack, asana, etc..

Defect management and other tools can be easily integrated and used internally within the team. Third-party software so that you can add features or improve upon business processes.

Project Administration

All the Global and project Level customizations and custom reports are managed in the administration Module.

You can create your own fields and enumerations as per the organisation structure. Projects Issues, Workflow,etc.. All the modules  and features can be managed.

Alerts,Early Warnings

User gets warning when a project meets its deadline.
It sends us mail or notification when a task or project is not completed on the time or crosses the due date.

Custom alerts for meetings or tasks can also be created by each user  in the calendar to get alerts and warnings.

Earned Value

A graphical representation of the project performance in terms of profit and loss.

Earned value management facilitates the user in having the track of the project performance in terms of the profit/loss.

It provides an accurate overview of project performance problems.

Platform Features

Smart-PMS balances the workload and schedules the task of the project to the employees.

​Payroll and Invoicing

Employee payroll and invoicing is generated based on the time sheets and hourly rates of the resource. Payroll reports are maintained in the easy view. Payroll can be exported in the desired file formats. Payroll sheets by users and invoicing sheets by projects.

Requirements Management

All the project requirements will be managed in a dashboard which facilitates the user to create individual section (modules/features) for which the requirements can be maintained throughout the project in the form of a tree structure.

Attendance Management

It is a module where everyone's attendance is taken care of and if anyone wants to take leave they can request for the same in the ‘Attendance management’ module where the senior can gives the approval for the leave. We can also view the attendance of individual users.

Time Management

User time management can be handled in two ways in the Smart-PMS, ‘Log time’ which should be done manually by the user and Automatic Time Calculations by using the timer. User will log the time spent on each task with necessary comments.

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